A collection of interviews and newspaper articles about my research.

Study reveals a lack of standardisation in burns care across Australia | Monash University 29 August 2022

New Study Finds Accidental Alteration Of Water Temperature At The Tap Whilst Bathing Was Involved In More Than 55% Of Injuries In People Admitted With Tap Water Scalds To Australian And New Zealand Burn Centers | World Plumbing Council Newsletter April 2022

Making sure you don’t sunburn | ABC Radio National Health Report 31 May 2021

Sunburns Severe Enough to Warrant Admission Described | Physicians Weekly 13 May 2021

Dr Lincoln Tracy discusses some of the worst cases of sunburn | ABC Capricornia 13 May 2021

‘Entirely preventable’: Kiwis hospitalised because of sunburn, study finds | NZ Herald 13 May 2021

Gender Linked With Outcomes in Acute Burn Injury Patients | Physicians Weekly 23 March 2021

Burning for a holiday | Retail Pharmacy 22 June 2020

Warning for parents as data reveals spike in burn injuries during school holidays | National Tribune 22 June 2020

A red hot issue: Consensus needed for inhalation injury diagnosis in burn patients | Lab Down Under 22 April 2020

Elderly are more at risk of scald injuries warns burns data | The Senior 13 August 2019

Be Aware of Burns This Month | Surf Coast Times 20 June 2019

Hot Water Burns Like Fire | Child Magazine 13 June 2019

The long, hard road to research | Mojo News