A Chat with the New Editor-in-Chief of the PRF Editorial Board: Rebecca Seal

Pain Research Forum, 16 November 2022

PRF is thrilled to announce that Rebecca Seal, PhD, has agreed to serve as PRF’s new editor-in-chief. Dr. Seal is a professor in the departments of Neurobiology and Otolaryngology, and the Pittsburgh Center for Pain Research, at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, US. She received her PhD training at the Vollum Institute, Oregon Health and Sciences University, Portland, US, and her postdoctoral training in the departments of Neurology and Physiology at the University of California, San Francisco, US. Her laboratory, which investigates spinal pain circuits and develops novel therapeutics, has openings for new graduate students and postdocs. You can contact Dr. Seal for further information via Twitter – @lab_seal.

Having served as a member of the PRF Editorial Board for several years, Dr. Seal is uniquely equipped to serve as its editor-in-chief. Rebecca spoke with Lincoln Tracy, a research fellow and freelance writer from Melbourne, Australia, about her path to pain research, her involvement with PRF to date, and what she hopes to achieve during her time as editor-in-chief. Below is an edited transcript of their conversation. Read more.