Henriques and Boundaries

An interesting stat about Australia’s most infamous Spotify user

I was watching the Sixers play the Strikers in the Big Bash last week while I was visiting my parents, and Michael Vaughn made an interesting comment when Moises Henriques was dismissed for 20 off 24 balls after failing to hit a four or a six:

“It’s not often you see Moises Henriques bat and face 24 balls in the Big Bash without a boundary".

Let’s see how much truth there is to Vaughn’s comment.

Henriques has played 123 BBL matches for the Sydney Sixers and batted in 117 innings. He has faced 24 or more balls 40 times (34% all innings) and failed to hit a boundary on just of these two occasions.

So, it looks like Vaughn was on the money with his comment.

But the thing I find really interesting is that Henriques faced 24 balls and didn’t hit a boundary for two games in a row – he scored another 20 off 24 balls in the previous game against the Hurricanes. It will be interesting to see if this happens for the third time in a row when the Sixers face off against the Thunder later tonight.

Another interesting point is the fact that Henriques is part of a sextet of players in BBL history to have at least 40 innings of 24 or more balls. But he and Jonathon Wells are the only two to not have a perfect strike rate with respect to hitting a boundary while batting during these innings.

Boundary table

The timeframe of this stat is limited based on what data are freely/easily available and/or accessible. A complete list of potential missing BBL data can be found here. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you spot any errors in what I have presented. As always, apologies to anyone who has already looked at this stat.