Most “Statistic” Without a Brownlow Vote in a Single Game

Kicking a bag or getting leather poisoning doesn’t always translate to Brownlow votes

Have you ever wondered what the record is for the most goals kicked in a game where the player failed to poll a Brownlow vote?

Even if the answer is no, you might find the following list of players with the most “statistics” in a single game who did not receive a Brownlow vote interesting!

Table: Most “Statistic” Without a Brownlow Vote in a Single Game, 1984-2022

Statistic Number Player (Game)
Kicks 34 Craig Bradley (R11 1988)
Handballs 31 Tom Mitchell (R8 2021)
Disposals 50 Tony Shaw (R5 1991)
Effective disposals 38 Matt Crouch (R23 2019)
Contested posessions 27 Ben Cunnington (R17 2017)
Marks 24 Brian Lake (R11 2007)
Contested marks 9 Barry Hall (R20 2008)
Goals 12 Tony Lockett (R9 1989)
Hit outs 75 Sam Jacobs (R8 2017)
Hit outs to advantage 26 Aaron Sandilands (R7 2018)
Tackles 20 Rory Laird (R18 2022)
Clearances 22 Paul Salmon (R13 1998)
Centre clearances 9 Seven players
Inside 50s 16 Jayden Short (R14 2022)
Score involvements 17 Four players
Goal assists 7 Travis Varcoe (R6 2010)
Metres gained 1169 Aaron Hall (R15 2022)

Seven players with nine centre clearances and no Brownlow votes: Matt Priddis (R1 2012), Travis Boak (R1 2013), Jack Steven (R6 2013), Gary Ablett (R4 2014), Scott Thompson (R4 2015), Tom Liberatore (R8 2021), and Christian Petracca (R10 2021).

Four players with 17 score involvements and no Brownlow votes: Kieren Jack (R18 2015), Travis Boak (R19 2016), John Butcher (R19 2016), and Tom Liberatore (R10 2021).

Will we see any of these records broken, or added to, on football’s night of nights in 2023?

The timeframe of this stat is limited based on what data are freely/easily available and/or accessible. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you spot any errors in what I have presented. As always, apologies to anyone who has already looked at this stat.