Pain Experts Share Their One Thing for Patients

Following the success of their initial season in 2021, One Thing is back for Season Two. The One Thing team (Dr Joshua Pate, Dr David Kennedy, Dr Lincoln Tracy, Miss Hayley Leake, Dr Aidan Cashin, and Dr Daniel Harvey) have completed nine new interviews with clinicians, researchers, and people living with pain to find out the one thing they want people challenged by pain to know.

Chronic pain (long-lasting pain that goes on for more than three months, or past the normal time it takes tissue to heal) affects more than three million Australians, according to PainAustralia. Two-thirds of people living with chronic pain are of working age. The national financial burden of pain was estimated to be more than $70 billion in 2018 and the burden will exceed $200 billion by 2050.

Many factors affect how chronic pain develops and how it is treated. With so much to know and learn about chronic pain, the One Thing platform invites ‘pain experts’ from across the world to share a key message that may help clinicians and those suffering from chronic pain. Lessons learned from Season One include:

  • “Pain education is not something that happens to you, learning requires you to do the learning” (Professor Lorimer Moseley, University of South Australia)
  • “Pain is a perception, not a sensation” (Professor Mick Thacker, London Southbank University)
  • “There is no limit to how patients can be engaged in research” (Professor Christine Chambers, Dalhousie University)

The platform’s co-founder and senior editor Dr Joshua Pate, physiotherapy lecturer at the University of Technology Sydney, said “Our team is thrilled about how season two is shaping up. After seeing the reach and positive impacts of the platform during Season One, and having doubled the size of our editorial team this year, we cannot wait to see what results from Season Two.”

Season Two of One Thing is powered by the Australian Pain Society (APS), a multidisciplinary association whose mission is to advance pain prevention, management, and clinical practice. APS President Trudy Maunsell was excited for the Society to support One Thing.

“The One Thing platform is a great way of learning about pain and its management. The Australian Pain Society is looking forward to some exciting innovations in Season Two. We know the nine new episodes will provide great insights into pain research, practice, and the lived experience.”

Some of the guests featured in Season Two include Pete Moore (creator and author of the Pain Toolkit), Professor Kathleen Sluka (University of Iowa), and Professor Christopher Eccleston (University of Bath).

All nine episodes of Season Two are now freely available online in video, podcast, and written form. One episode will be promoted each week in the lead up to the APS 42nd Annual Scientific Meeting, which will take place at the Hotel Grand Chancellor, Hobart from April 10 – 13, 2022.

For media enquiries please contact:

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About One Thing One Thing began in 2020. Co-founders and senior editors Dr Joshua Pate and Dr David Kennedy were dreaming about how cool it would be for a platform to exist where speakers can share the ‘one thing’ that they really want others to know about: their latest research, the key finding that changed everything, or what matters most.


About the Australian Pain Society The Australian Pain Society (APS) formed in 1979 as the Australian Chapter of the International Association for the Study of Pain. The APS is a multidisciplinary organisation with representatives among its members from many medical specialties, as well as physiotherapy, psychology, nursing, general practitioners, other health professionals and the basic sciences. The membership includes investigators and clinicians who are active in the field of pain and its management. Its vision is that all people will have optimal access to pain prevention and management throughout their life.